Install Imagick for php on Windows

Requirements: PHP is installed and the install location was added to the system PATH environment variable.

You can use the current snapshot for testing with PHP 7.2:

This Guide will show as simple as possible how to install imagik 3.4.3 for PHP 7.1 (Thread Safe, x86).

  1. Download imagick for your PHP version from (you can get a nice overview with xdebug under
    I downloaded
    All versions:
  2. Unzip and copy the files as follows:
    php_imagick.dll to your ext dir (I copied to C:\php\ext)
    All files starting with CORE_  to any desired directory (I used C:\imagick)
  3. Add path to your system PATH variable after path to PHP directory:
  4. Add extension=php_imagick.dll to php.ini
  5. Check installation by running php -i in cmd to find the following section:
    imagick module => enabled
  6. If necessary, restart php fpm processs.

Sources: and


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