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Install phpredis on macOS Mojave

As of this PR phpredis is the new default client for Laravel v6.0 (and up) Applications, you may be want to install phpredis to test your Application in a real life environment using phpredis instead of predis (which is not getting any activity since a while at the time of writing). UPDATE: Found out that the following command is all […]

Register Auth Routes in Laravel when using ::class for Controllers

Since Freek Van der Herten tweet about the way to register Controllers in Laravel with the ::class (Introduced in PHP 5.5) a while ago I always did it this way. (TL;DR: Go to Solution) As we mostly create APIs I used this when register Routes in `routes/api.php` only. Till Today… When I wanted to set this up, I’d remove the […]

Use Github Actions to deploy your App on Laravel Vapor

Use Github Actions to deploy your App on Laravel Vapor

As a full stack developer at novu, I always try to automate workflows. Especially deployments should not have to be executed manually as far as possible. With the release of Laravel Vapor there was no possibility for out of the box to execute the deployment e.g. in case of a push to the master branch. Since Github now offers a […]

Fix Laravel Mix’s “Hot Module Replacement reloading” with HTTPS

Laravel-Mix has a very useful feature called “Hot Module Replacement“. This tries to reload only the parts that have been modified. For example, Vue components are replaced without a page refresh. Especially forms can be developed much more comfortable. If HTTPS is needed for local development, this feature does not work as expected. However, the following changes lead to the […]

Provide subscribable calendar with Laravel

For a small event platform for my friends and me, I needed a subscribable calendar for e. g. Google Calendar. I had to pay attention to a few things and find out, so that it behaves correctly. Looking for a suitable package, I found which I used for this short guide (thank’s to jasvrcek). Install the package Just install the […]

Laravel Horizon, ext-pcntl and Windows

Update 2: You may want to use Docke for your local development. You could use these Tools: or Update: As of version 1.0.1 laravel does require ext-posix via composer.json as well. I’ve updated the post to take care of this requirement. As I start using Laravel’s newest package Horizon (Introduced by Taylor Otwell on Medium or at to control […]

Working with Laravel and E-Mails

I’m working on a Project, where mails will be sent to users for several reasons. I read about some useful packages for Laravel help handle emails while in dev or test environments. Catch E-Mails and save them into files When you would like to see the generated content of an Email and don’t want to use a real SMTP-Server, where accidentaly emails […]

Run Bash commands from web

Run Bash commands from a webserver and return the output to the response The above need was given to my by a friend of mine. He asked for a “As simple as possible” way to run and show potential output to a web request’s response. After some minutes of research I got a simple way with nodejs. Here are the […]

Environment specific Service Providers and Facades in Laravel

I often work with 3rd party app in my Laravel Projects, some of them are for example barryvdh/laravel-debugbar, barryvdh/laravel-translation-manager or aaronlord/laroute. Now I show you how you can load only specific facades an service providers for development. Let’s build this up. In Laravel there is a .env file which has a variable called `APP_ENV`.   That’s exactly what we need. If the value is […]

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