Finally, a working npm install routine for laravel-elixir

I work a lot with laravel in my freetime. There I take sass and typescript to build up my css and javascript files. Laravel has a great dev environment on Homestead ( and a simple gulp wrapper named laravel-elixir( They lighten your workload a lot for dev tasks, so this tools are unalterable!

But its a big problem, if you are on windows (It’s not made for web developing isn’t it?). laravel-elixir or gulp are based on node.js ( and node.js doesn’t like windows at all. Cause of the big dependency trees node.js would like to make symlinks but they doesn’t exists on a windows system. So even the virtual homestead machine can not create them.

consequential you have to  npm install with the special --no-bin-links  option. In my case there often the following error occured:

So I tried a lot and despaired. But then I found a solution always works for me from now. Just install it two times and rebuild node-sass after all and it works… finally…

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