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Install Imagick for php on Windows

Requirements: PHP is installed and the install location was added to the system PATH environment variable. You can use the current snapshot for testing with PHP 7.2: http://windows.php.net/downloads/pecl/snaps/imagick/3.4.3/ This Guide will show as simple as possible how to install imagik 3.4.3 for PHP 7.1 (Thread Safe, x86). Download imagick for your PHP version from http://pecl.php.net/package/imagick/3.4.3/windows (you can get a nice overview with […]

Xdebug – Troubleshoot Guide

Download xdebug To find the right version of xdebug for your php installation you can run php -i | pbcopy and paste the output here: https://xdebug.org/wizard.php. After Downloading the correct DLL you could add these xdebug settings. (These are my used properties) add config to php ini: https://gist.github.com/okaufmann/1924a734c4172c38cb24ca769a17526b Setup php storm

PHP Client for latest Qwertee designs

I recently start to use Telegram to chat with my buddies (By the way, it’s a really cool and modern Chat for gif friends and developpers with several more features. A nice mix I think). Since I frequently check the designs of Qwertee (A service for limited, daily, community created t-shirt designs from Dublin) I’d like to check them right into the chat […]

Get Notification once Laravel 5.3 was released

Get Notification once Laravel 5.3 was released

I’m really excited about the new Version 5.3 of Laravel. All the more I don’t want to miss the Release. It is not clearly stated when it will be released. So I searched for a simple solution to get immediately notified when the time has come. After short search I found the popular service IFTTT where I created a recipe watching the […]

Working with Laravel and E-Mails

I’m working on a Project, where mails will be sent to users for several reasons. I read about some useful packages for Laravel help handle emails while in dev or test environments. Catch E-Mails and save them into files When you would like to see the generated content of an Email and don’t want to use a real SMTP-Server, where accidentaly emails […]

Fix Angular2 missing globalization capabilities till final release

I’ve started working with angular2 since a month. Due to my location in Switzerland, most projects language is german. Therefore dates, numbers and currencies have to be in the correct format. But Angular2 is still a release candidate. E. g. is it not possible to change the locale of the date pipe as we see can directly in the source on […]

Finally, a working npm install routine for laravel-elixir

I work a lot with laravel in my freetime. There I take sass and typescript to build up my css and javascript files. Laravel has a great dev environment on Homestead (https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/homestead) and a simple gulp wrapper named laravel-elixir(https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/elixir). They lighten your workload a lot for dev tasks, so this tools are unalterable! But its a big problem, if you are […]

Install Let’s Encrypt Certificate within a PHP Application with a public folder

I had a PHP App where only the folder “public” is accessible from the web. All requests made to the root folder were redirected to this folder. This could be any Laravel, Phalcon or Symfony Web App. When I tried to install a Let’s Encrypt Certificate I got an Error telling me “The client lacks sufficient authorization”. After some research […]

Run Bash commands from web

Run Bash commands from a webserver and return the output to the response The above need was given to my by a friend of mine. He asked for a “As simple as possible” way to run and show potential output to a web request’s response. After some minutes of research I got a simple way with nodejs. Here are the […]

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