Your personal weather station with a Raspberry Pi 3

Install samba and mosquitto (MQTT)

sudo hassbian-config install mosquitto
sudo hassbian-config install samba

Install pilight

Set port for deamon:

vim /etc/pilight/config.json

And add the following next to

"webserver-port": 5001,
"port": 5000,

Start daemon with the following command if pilight-reveive says

no pilight ssdp connections found

 (use option -D for debugging purposes):

sudo pilight-daemon

Set ID’s for Stations

I bought two of these:

Monitor sent data with the following command:

sudo pilight-receive

Example of Data:

        "message": {
                "id": 10,
                "temperature": 21.3,
                "humidity": 19.0,
                "battery": 1
        "origin": "receiver",
        "protocol": "alecto_ws1700",
        "uuid": "0000-b8-27-eb-cad9b1",
        "repeats": 1

Here the ID of the Station is 10.

Add Sensor in Home Assistant config:

  - platform: pilight
    name: 'Sensor 1'
    variable: temperature
      id: 10
    unit_of_measurement: '°C'

Activate HTTPS(TLS) with Let’s Encrypt

Then fix permissions (as user pi):

cd /etc/letsencrypt
sudo chown -R root:homeassistant live
sudo chown -R root:homeassistant archive
sudo chmod -R 755 live
sudo chmod -R 755 archive
sudo systemctl restart [email protected]

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